Aspiring Medics – October 2021

Posted on 30th November 2021

In October 2021 the Talent Academy successfully held our returning programme ‘Aspiring Medics’, and this year we were able to bring it back into the physical health and care setting. The successful event was hosted by the Talent Academy and facilitated by various amazing medical professionals from across Lincolnshire, all sharing their stories about their profession.

This event saw 28 students aspiring medics, learning and developing new skills through different bespoke workshops and clinical skill sessions. All the workshops are ran by medical professionals who were on hand to offer their advice and guidance.


Please hear from a range of the 2021 aspiring medics:

Why did you sign up to the programme?

“I would like to do medicine in the future, however I wanted a better insight of the medical field and that’s the reason I signed up to the programme. I thought by joining this programme, I would be certain that medicine is the path I want to follow.”

“I signed up to the programme after I heard about it from school. I was interested in learning more about a career in medicine, and the programme looked like it would be a great experience.”

Why did you learn from the programme?

“The aspiring medics programme provided me with quite a lot of information which included patient confidentiality, professionalism, patient rights and medical ethics. It was very interesting to know that medicine does not only have a scientific aspect to it, but also a more ethical view. Furthermore, I learnt many clinical skills, such as examining a patient, suturing and I also came to know about many clinical instruments that would be used while examining or treating a patient.”

“Having initially signed up for the programme aiming to gain a further insight into the career as a doctor, particularly in my areas of interest consisting of general practise and emergency medicine, I was amazed how the programme gave me a huge array of insight into all aspects of the career. Furthermore, the preparation for a medical interview was woven into the programme, with an entire session dedicated to medical ethics. As a group we were presented with a case study, as would be common in interview, and had to decide whether it was ethical or not to stop treatment despite the fact it was working. The discussion generated by this was a complicated one and will certainly make me more aware of key points to consider when looking at further ethical cases. “

“I learnt a lot about medical ethics and how doctors decide on the best possible way to treat a patient while respecting what the patient wants. We also did a section on clinical skills where I learnt how to suture, which was a really good skill to learn.”

Why was your favourite part of the programme?

“My favourite part of the programme will definitely be the clinical skills section. I learned how and when to use the clinical instruments, and I also had a go at suturing, which I found very fascinating. Learning about how to check a patient if they have a blocked airway, or if they had any blockage in their abdomen, was very interesting.”

Would you recommend the programme to other Aspiring Medics?

“Definitely, 100%. The aspiring medics programme can be a starting point for many aspiring medics as it is an easy way of stepping into the medical field. This programme can also help students who are unsure whether they want to do medicine or not, as it gives a clearer insight of what it’s like in the medical field.”

“I would definitely recommend the programme to all aspiring medics and would like to thank all our teaching fellows and staff at the NHS Talent Academy who organised the programme for us. “

“I would definitely recommend the programme to other students as I learnt a lot from it and it was also really fun and interesting. It is a great experience for anyone interested in a career in medicine.”

Please keep a look-out on our social media channels (@LincsTALAC) to find out more about upcoming Aspiring programmes.

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