Apprenticeships are linked to a recognised occupation, involving on and off-the-job training and a final assessment at the end of the apprenticeship. This offers a new route into many of the occupations in the health and care sector.

There are now different entry points into occupations so you could start on a level 2 (equivalent to GCSE) and progress to degree or even masters level. Apprenticeships provide a clear development pathway for individuals looking to progress their career via a work-based route.

With over 350 roles within health and care, there is a wide range of clinical and non-clinical apprenticeships available, some of which are shown below.

  • Clinical
  • Non-Clinical
Allied Healthcare Assistant

“The allied health professions are a diverse group of professionals who deliver high quality care to patients and clients across a wide range of care pathways and in different
settings including hospitals, the community, people’s homes and schools. They might also work in the independent sector or for charities.”

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Health & Social Care Assistant

Healthcare assistants have a key role in routine health and social care, such as taking and recording temperatures, helping patients/residents with washing and spending time talking to and reassuring patients/residents.

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NEW: Healthcare Support Worker

The new Healthcare Support Worker Apprenticeship Standard was introduced in 2017.

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NEW: Senior Healthcare Support Worker

The new Healthcare Support Worker Apprenticeship Standard was introduced in 2017 and replaces the previous Clinical Healthcare Support Apprenticeship Framework.

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NEW: Nursing Associate

The new Nursing Associate Apprenticeship Standard was published in November 2017.

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NEW: Registered Nurse

A career in nursing is dynamic and exciting with opportunities to work in a range of different roles as a Registered Nurse. Your nursing career will mean working with a variety of service users, families and carers, and with a range of health and care professionals and other agencies. You might be working in: a hospital, someone’s home, the community, social care or public health.

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Wider Healthcare Support

Wider healthcare support staff provide key support within hospital and care settings, this could be through helping staff to coordinate cleaning and linen to moving frail and ill patients/residents between departments or rooms.

Roles may include: Housekeepers, porters, security or ward clerks, amongst others.

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Business Improvement Techniques

Business Improvement Technique apprentices will work to support a businesses to become more productive and remain competitive. They will support the business to identify and then deliver continuous and sustainable quality, cost, delivery improvements for existing or new products, processes and/or services.

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Clinical Engineering

Clinical engineers maintain a wide range of specialist equipment from ventilators to theatre equipment within a hospital or care home.

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Team Leading & Management

Team leaders and managers are generally responsible for controlling or administering an organisation or group of staff. This management could be in a range of areas including smaller teams through to department, ward or home management.

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IT Application Specalist

IT team members work to diagnose and fix computer faults and alongside installing new computer equipment. That may also providing training to a range of clinical and non-clinical staff to ensure effective use of communications system.

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Catering staff are part of a team committed to making sure the food and drink to patients are nutritious and appetising.

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Finance and accounting staff are responsible for ensuring that NHS and care funds are appropriately allocated and accounted for. They work on payroll, pension, financial reports and auditing.

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Estates and Facilities

Estates and facilities staff work across a range of specialisms to maintain the building and estate of NHS sites and care homes.

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Business Admin

Administrators maintain paperwork and computer records and deal with telephone enquiries within a range of departments. They may also deal with enquiries and provide administration support to senior staff.

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Business Admin (Medical)

Medical Secretaries deal with consultants’ or GPs’ correspondence and provide essential secretarial support

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Business and Professional Admin

Administrators managers oversee the maintenance of paperwork and computer records. Managers may ensure quality of service for telephone and face-to-face enquiries within a range of departments. They may also deal with enquiries and provide administration support to senior staff.

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